August 7, 2020

How Does An Instant Geyser Work?

Unlike the storage tank water heater, the instant water geyser does not provide you with any of the storage tanks for keeping the hot water. As a result, you simply get the hot water as and when needed. Therefore, the instant water heaters are so designed that they provide as much heated water as the users need.

For this, the water enters from one tap into the geyser. The geyser is installed with the heating element which instantly heats up the water being entered. The heated water is then moved out through the other pipe into the other connected tap or shower.

How Many Units Do A Geyser Consumes?

The unit consumption for different geysers is different because of the fact that they are differently designed and also have different heating elements installed in them. Also, the unit consumed varies with the usage of the geyser.

On the average basis, a geyser is used for 1 hour on regular basis in a small family. This will make your monthly usage of the geyser to 60KW hours. Based on this, it can be assumed that on monthly basis, a geyser consumes 60 units of electricity for a small family. This can vary if you are a large family with more use.

What Is The Disadvantage Of The Tank-Less Water Heater?

For some of the users, the tank-less water heaters make the best choice while for some they contain some disadvantages as well. Besides, the fact that they don’t come with an option to store the water in the storage tank, here are some of the possible disadvantages that you may face with these types of water heaters:

  • Expensive as compared to other models
  • Requires more energy for heating the water

Can Instant Geyser Be Used For A Shower?

In general, the instant geysers releases only 6-liters of water at once and the users have to wait for a little for getting more water for bathing purposes. Again, if you require fewer water supplies for the bathing, then yes, you can use the instant water geyser for showers as well.

However, most of the people don’t prefer using instant water heaters in the shower as they allow using only 6-liters of water to be used for bathing.

How Long Does Water Stay Hot In The Geyser?

The duration for which the geyser can hold the warmth of the stored water depends on the set temperature of the thermostat. If your geyser has an effective thermostat then it can keep the stored water heated for 24-hours. And if the thermostat temperature is lesser, then the water remains heated for the lesser time period.

Are Tank-Less Water Heaters Dangerous?

No, the tank-less water heaters are not dangerous to use. Rather, they are quite a safe and secure electrical appliance for use. As the tank-less water heater does not come with a storage tank for keeping the water; there is no chance of them getting over-heated or pressure spike with the continuous usage.

With no risk of over-heating, the tank-less water heaters are also safe from the danger of bursting as well as exploding.

What Is The Correct Temperature Of The Geyser?

No matter which of the geyser, you are using, the temperature at which it should be used, should vary between 55 degree Celsius and 65 degree Celsius. It is also advised to keep the default temperature of the water heater to 55 degree Celsius so that it can work effectively without consuming much of the power.


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